About Us

We began as a group of like-minded friends who had a shared vision to do something to impact our local community.  We started a book club in 2009 in order to help us learn about the issues around us and about how our faith could propel us to tackle those issues.  That grew into a weekly homeless feeding that took place between August 2010 until April 2014. During that time, we were able to distribute over  6,000 meals to the homeless. In the process of feeding the homeless, we learned about housing initiatives in the community and adopted a “housing first” model, in which we are currently operating. We officially incorporated in 2011 and received our tax-exempt nonprofit status in March 2014.

Our Mission:
The organization shall provide community outreach, education and opportunities for collaborative partnerships in order to engage in service.

Our Vision:
To create a safe environment where the needs of the community can be fulfilled through educational and professional services.  Our services are motivated by the Islamic faith.

Board Members:
Omar Ahmed
Jessica Jocson
Rehana Mowjood
Siraj Mowjood
Dunia Ramadan
David Williams
Erica Youngblood